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Art can heal, change and communicate.
”It offers a new perspective on life and helps discover one’s inner voice.”


Light is wisdom, hope, life. “Light spotlights textures within a composition, adding a three-dimensional quality to the scene.”



Papier mâché

Mixed materials

Light-focused artwork

Materials & Techniques

Storytelling Through



The artist uses standard drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography techniques to create art pieces.


The artist often mixes techniques such as acrylic paint, oil paint, metals, plastic and stone to create new and engaging products.


Art doesn’t have to be complicated and dense. It could be light and airy to cater to the general perception.


Light creates depth and captures the viewers’ attention towards the main viewpoint.

Explore the light through


Light can create the illusion of three-dimensional objects on two-dimensional surfaces.
Light in art can create the perception of depth.
It is one of the key elements in shaping composition and storytelling.


The artistic layering of various materials, such as acrylic paint, plastic fragments, liquid concrete, metal pieces or cardboard, is used to create a distinctive piece of art.


Mixed art

Mixed art features artwork made from an assortment of materials including cardboard, plastic, foam, metal and raw materials to obtain unique effects for the workpiece.
Light creates the 3D effect in all of these artistic elements.


Ioana Ciocan

CEO Art Safari,

Romania’s Commissioner for the Venice Art Biennale

Over the centuries, artists have played with light, explored and exploited it both as a subject, but especially as a tool, to create moods and capture the beauty of nature. Light determines colors and shadows and darkens or brightens a canvas. Light has been central to all styles of painting, from the Renaissance to Impressionism to Abstract art. Diana’s works merge design with art, tame materials and textures, highlight unsuspected connections between form and color, and above all, have a surprising ability to evoke emotion in the viewer. Diana combines natural and synthetic materials and challenges the perfection of Renaissance scenes and sculptures to a play of design and geometry.
My meeting with Diana Nicolaie was bright from the beginning. Light is the coagulation factor in her art, but also in her personality. I was won over by the courage and perseverance with which she follows her passion and the naturalness with which she managed to transform design into art.