Physical surface

The physical surface of the painting can have three-dimensional properties. Artists create this effect by layering thick paint that holds its shape, creating marks and visible brush strokes in thick paint or artwork on a textured surface.

Visual texture

The type of texture used in this artwork is referred to as illusory or visual texture. It is achieved through the artist’s use of brushstrokes, color, light or values, to create the illusion of texture.

Materials & Techniques

Multimedia Art

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Light is an integral part of our perception, shaping everything we see. It stirs our emotions and defines the very essence of our world. Light is energy and it can lift our spirits, capturing our imagination. In the same way, light can elevate a painting, emphasises its features through highlights and shadow, and it brings depth.

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The texture is the perceived surface quality of a work of art. It may be perceived physically, through the sense of touch and visually with the help of colors and shadows.

Mixed textures

Mixed art features artwork made from an assortment of materials including cardboard, plastic, foam, metal and raw materials to obtain unique effects for the workpiece.
Light creates the 3D effect in all of these artistic elements.