Storytelling Through




My artwork is multimedia art, as it blends visual elements with interactive or non-visual components, such as lights or sounds. Integrating diverse materials, such as acrylic paint, fabric, concrete, foam or paper, into a single piece, my artwork embodies a unique fusion of different mediums.

Diana Nicolaie is an artist who go’s out from conventional ways and transcends artistic boundaries with her mesmerizing acrylic paintings and installations infused with the ethereal element of light. The creative process is a captivating balance between the tangible and the intangible, a mix of color and luminescence that unfolds in ways unimaginable.

Diana’s acrylic paintings are not merely canvases; they are more portals to alternate dimensions. She has ingeniously incorporated unconventional materials from constructions area into her palette, with phosphorescent pigments and reflective particles, creating a dynamic interplay of color and light that morphs with the observer’s perspective.

You can imagine a room where beams of light, refracted through custom-crafted prisms, merge seamlessly with large-scale acrylic sculptures suspended from the ceiling. Viewers find themselves immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. 

Diana’s process is as avant-garde as her creations. She begins by orchestrating controlled chaos, splattering and pouring acrylics onto canvases or sculptural forms with an unrestrained energy. Then, with meticulous precision, she introduces light as an integral medium, using programmable LED installations to cast shifting shadows and highlights that breathe life into her artwork.

Her studio looks like a manufactury space or a laboratory of the fantastical, filled with vials of luminous pigments, custom-made light fixtures, and experimental sculptures in various stages of completion. Diana embraces the unpredictable, allowing the interplay of chance and intention to guide her, resulting in artworks that are as unpredictable as they are breathtaking.

Diana’s works challenges viewers to reconsider the boundaries of perception, inviting them to explore the hidden realms between light and color. Her art is an invitation to transcend the ordinary, beckoning us to step into a world where imagination takes flight on the wings of radiant acrylics and the luminescent glow of unconventional light installations.